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Encrypted Messenger Works (or Worked) with the following Instant Message Programs

(5 Stars is best)
 Chat Client
 AIM 4.8 or higher
 AOL 8 Messenger
 Google Talk
 ICQ Lite
 ICQ Lite 4
 ICQ Pro 2003a
 ICQ Pro 2003b

 Imici Messenger 3.4.5
 All In One Chat Client

 IndiaTimes Messenger 3
 All In One Chat Client
 Jabber Messenger 2.0.2
 MSN Messenger 5
 MSN Messenger 6
 Yahoo Messenger 5.5 or higher
 Windows Messenger 4.7
More To Come
Last Updated 4/25/2004




FREE:No need to pirate Encrypted Messenger anymore - You can get full functionality for free in the ad-supported version.

Google:Talk - Now works with Google Talk. Right click on the Icon in the Task tray and get updates. It will update the Windows.xml file for you.

YAHOO:Yahoo Messenger 7 - Now works with Yahoo Messenger 7. Right click on the Icon in the Task tray and get updates. Close and reopen any yahoo chat window; then it will work with latest version of yahoo.) -- Those new Smart Tags were a small pain to work around.. but it should be working fine now.

WARNING:Latest Version is 4.0.109 - Check by holding the mouse over the Encrypted Messenger Icon in the Task Tray (by the clock) and it will show your current version. If it is not the latest, Check for Updates and you will be directed to download latest version.

NEW:MSN Messenger 6 - Now works with MSN Messenger 6. Download the latest version. (Look under Products or Downloads)

NEW:Encrypted Messenger 3 - Simpler User Interface and the ability to add chat client support based on config file. FREE Upgrade!

NEW:Video shows you how to use encrypted messenger. Window media player required.

Click Here To Watch 1 Meg Clip.



Welcome to!

We were the first to provide an Encrypted Plugin for MSN Messenger. Then we added AIM. Next came Yahoo Messenger and so on. Our newest version of Encrypted Messenger uses a configuration file to allow support of almost any Instant Message Program

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October 25, 2007: Encrypted Messenger is 100% FREE!!!!!

Not ad-supported, just free.
Download it here

Source Code Here

Videos Explaining Things Here

Email Sent to Mailing List:
Encrypted Messenger which at one point or another you indicated some sort of interest in....You either bought it or got a free copy or sent me an email saying you wanted to be updated whenever there was an update. (I think this is the 2nd update ever) ok done rambling.

Long story short: It is now free. There are a few vids explaining the whole thing.

You can see them (or just skip them) and find the links to download it here:

The source code is also available at that same page (just scroll down a bit)

Feel free to pass it along to anyone who has an interest in securing their instant messages.

Good luck with it.

John Hasson

PS: It was featured in wired about two years ago: (Near the middle of the page – color and bold added)

“»IM on the DL
With an admin password, you can download an encrypted service like PSST ( or a program like Encrypted Messenger (, which encodes most IM clients. The quick and dirty way: open an AOL IM account and use the Web-based chat service ( With all the Web activity at work, the chance that anyone will notice your texting is small.”

It is also in the WIRED print version August 2006 (with Steve Colbert on the front page) page 26 of the 44 page pullout)

Quotes from our customers:
Encrypted Messenger keeps getting better and better! Version 3 adds more client support and more flexible options. My employer can't figure out their plans for securing IM. Luckily I don't have to wait until then. EM3 allows me to get my work done with the efficiencies of instant messaging, and with the security of a pseudo-VPN! Great work! Keep it up! --Adam S

My company is very happy with the product. Your elegant solution for adding security to the easy to use messenger model makes instant messaging a terrific tool for business. --Richard O

I just wanted to say Thank you! I have been looking for a product like this. I am glad I found yours. Thank you. --Anonymous

Encrypted Messenger in the US Military
It has come to our attention that members of the US military are using Encrypted Messenger to talk to friends and loved ones back home. If you are a member of the US military and want to use encrypted messenger for this purpose, and we will give you a free copy.

Won a "Major Award"
Here is what happened: Recevied an interesting letter in the mail... Aparently we won People Choice award from MSD2D. They said they would email me an icon, but they have not. So instead here is a screenshot of the webiste with the award circled. Click here to see the actual page. We are the third down. We won peoples choice for Exchange Add-Ons. If you or anyone you know voted for us, please let us know. We would have voted for ourselves if we had know about it sooner.

Just found out they are doing it again. Help us win. (This time we know about it) Click On Picture At Left To Vote.

We seem to have started a phenomonem with the introduction of easy to use Secure Instant Messaging. People and companies all over the world are using it. We have other ideas and products for the future that will change the way we communicate. Investors can for more information.